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Falcon Fine Art Complete deal in Belgium

Falcon Fine Art has completed a deal with a collector in Belgium. The Belgian collector chose to leverage artworks that were already in storage, between exhibitions, demonstrating the role art financing can play in monetizing an asset that, without a sale, would otherwise provide little short-term value. The deal leverages …

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Falcon Fine Art add new Business Development Manager

Guy Vaissière former Sotheby’s business director has joined Falcon Fine Art as a Business Development Manager. The new appointment has been made to drive continued growth and build brand presence. Guy will be responsible for maintaining existing client relationships, driving growth and building brand presence. Before Vatissière joined Falcon Fine …

Art Law

BonelliErede launch Art and Cultural Property Team

Italian law firm BonelliErede have launched a new art and cultural property team. The decision was made to meet the growing demand for services in this area,  and will bring together a focussed group of BonelliErede professionals who have a past experience and a proven reputation in advising international art galleries, auction houses, …

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Art Recovery Group recover colombian artefact from London Auction House

Art Recovery Group have recovered an indigenous Colombian artefact 80 years after it dissappeared. The ceramic sculpture was offered for sale at a London auction house earlier this year, after almost a century missing. It was last catalogued in a museum in Cartagena, Colombia  in 1939 before disappearing inexplicably, and …


Unbolted & Forum Auctions offer new finance facility

Auction house Forum Auctions has teamed up with financier Unbolted to create a new finance facility. A collector bought a Shakespeare first folio worth £850,000 as the first deal using the services. The new innovative liquidity facility allows buyers to combine asset-backed loans with auction advances to bring a greater …

Art Law

Venable LLP Launches Art Law Practice

Venable has launched a new Art Law Practice Group. The art law group will have an emphasis on artist representation, collector counseling, art licensing, artist and collector estate planning, charitable donations of art, taxes (including sales/use taxes and 1031 free exchange), and business representation of galleries, dealers, appraisers, and agents. …

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New law firm Amineddoleh & Associates launches

Art lawyer Leila Aminedolleh has founded new law firm Amineddoleh & Associates, which will focus on art law and intellectual property law. Based in the New York city, Amineddoleh & Associates LLC will be a full-service law firm, providing legal services to individuals and businesses throughout the world. With an …

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The dealers at Masterpiece – an interview with Steven Beale, Trinity House and Dario Mottola, Scultura Italiana

Masterpiece is arguably the biggest date in the UK art lover’s diary. Of course, the 2016 fair coincided with another key date, occurring in the direct aftermath of Britain’s historic “Leave” vote in the EU referendum. Tim Hunter, Vice President of art financier Falcon Fine Art, takes the temperature at …

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The financier at Masterpiece – an interview with Tim Hunter, Falcon Fine Art

While Masterpiece is the dealer’s domain, it attracts a whole host of fascinating and important players. Certainly, art financiers play a crucial role – pumping liquidity into the art market, and facilitating purchases across the industry. Tim Hunter, Vice President of art financier Falcon Fine Art – a co-partner of …


Private Art Investor Q&A: Jean-Baptiste Fabre, founder of AuctionAfterSale and

In a new section for Private Art Investor, we quiz leading industry figures on what they enjoy about their job, their likes and pet hates, their ideal client and who would play them in a movie of their life. This week, Jean-Baptiste Fabre, founder of AuctionAfterSale and, faces the …