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Online art market sales reach $4.22 billion – up 12%

A slower pace of growth as new challenges and opportunities emerge    The sixth annual Hiscox Online Art Trade Report, published today, reveals an online art market worth an estimated $4.22 billion – up 12% in 12 months. While still a solid year on year increase, this was lower than the …

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The dealers at Masterpiece – an interview with Steven Beale, Trinity House and Dario Mottola, Scultura Italiana

Masterpiece is arguably the biggest date in the UK art lover’s diary. Of course, the 2016 fair coincided with another key date, occurring in the direct aftermath of Britain’s historic “Leave” vote in the EU referendum. Tim Hunter, Vice President of art financier Falcon Fine Art, takes the temperature at …

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The financier at Masterpiece – an interview with Tim Hunter, Falcon Fine Art

While Masterpiece is the dealer’s domain, it attracts a whole host of fascinating and important players. Certainly, art financiers play a crucial role – pumping liquidity into the art market, and facilitating purchases across the industry. Tim Hunter, Vice President of art financier Falcon Fine Art – a co-partner of …

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Hiscox states online art sales climbed 24% to $3.27 billion during 2015

Online art sales reached $3.27 billion, up 24% in the last 12 months despite a decrease in global art auction sales in 2015, according to a new report by insurance giant Hiscox. The Hiscox Online Art Trading Report has indicated that the lower end of the art market could be …

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Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel invests in Frieze art fair

Ari Emanuel the co-chief executive of the Hollywood talent agency WME-IMG that represents clients including Oscar-winners Matthew McConaughey and Kevin Costner has confirmed he is to invest in this year’s Frieze London art fair. He is the first outside investor in Frieze that was set up as a private venture …

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Suspected $135 million Caravaggio found in French loft

Mystery surrounds a painting that has been found in the loft of a house in the south of France that could be a $135 million missing masterpiece by Italian painter Caravaggio. The painting was discovered in the house in Toulouse two years ago and passed on to art expert Eric …

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Magnus Resch launches app for the private art world

Private art company Magnus Resch has launched a mobile app that it describes as a “Shazam for art”. Users take a photo of an artwork and the app returns all details, including prices. Prices from both galleries and auction houses will be made available for free and the app can …

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Panama Papers reveal Nazi-looted painting fight

Mossack Fonseca the legal and financial company that has been making headlines due to the leak of the now-infamous Panama Papers helped a New York art gallery defend a legal challenge over a claim over a painting linked to Nazi-looted artworks. The alleged legal owner had launched a legal battle …

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Sotheby’s profits down 63% as staff exodus takes hold

Sotheby’s is to be hit by a series of staff departures following poor financial results that saw the world famous auction house post disappointing financial results. For 2015 profits crashed by 63%, from $117.8m to $43.7m. Departures at the firm will include Cheyenne Westphal, Sotheby’s worldwide head of contemporary art, …

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Falcon Fine Art appoints Sharon Grob to manage business development

Luxury asset expert Sharon Grob has joined Falcon Fine Art as business development manager and will be tasked with the further growth of the company. She will be involved in leveraging relationships with family offices, private banks and wealth managers to encourage the use of art financing. Grob will also …