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Falcon Fine Art Complete deal in Belgium

Falcon Fine Art has completed a deal with a collector in Belgium. The Belgian collector chose to leverage artworks that were already in storage, between exhibitions, demonstrating the role art financing can play in monetizing an asset that, without a sale, would otherwise provide little short-term value. The deal leverages …

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Falcon Fine Art add new Business Development Manager

Guy Vaissière former Sotheby’s business director has joined Falcon Fine Art as a Business Development Manager. The new appointment has been made to drive continued growth and build brand presence. Guy will be responsible for maintaining existing client relationships, driving growth and building brand presence. Before Vatissière joined Falcon Fine …

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The dealers at Masterpiece – an interview with Steven Beale, Trinity House and Dario Mottola, Scultura Italiana

Masterpiece is arguably the biggest date in the UK art lover’s diary. Of course, the 2016 fair coincided with another key date, occurring in the direct aftermath of Britain’s historic “Leave” vote in the EU referendum. Tim Hunter, Vice President of art financier Falcon Fine Art, takes the temperature at …

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The financier at Masterpiece – an interview with Tim Hunter, Falcon Fine Art

While Masterpiece is the dealer’s domain, it attracts a whole host of fascinating and important players. Certainly, art financiers play a crucial role – pumping liquidity into the art market, and facilitating purchases across the industry. Tim Hunter, Vice President of art financier Falcon Fine Art – a co-partner of …

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The future of the British art market post-Brexit

On 23rd June 2016 the UK electorate took the decision to leave the EU – a decision likely to create a period of uncertainty. For the British art market this is likely to lead to a number of changes in the coming months and years. At the leading London art …

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Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel invests in Frieze art fair

Ari Emanuel the co-chief executive of the Hollywood talent agency WME-IMG that represents clients including Oscar-winners Matthew McConaughey and Kevin Costner has confirmed he is to invest in this year’s Frieze London art fair. He is the first outside investor in Frieze that was set up as a private venture …

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Panama Papers reveal Nazi-looted painting fight

Mossack Fonseca the legal and financial company that has been making headlines due to the leak of the now-infamous Panama Papers helped a New York art gallery defend a legal challenge over a claim over a painting linked to Nazi-looted artworks. The alleged legal owner had launched a legal battle …

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Falcon Fine Art appoints Sharon Grob to manage business development

Luxury asset expert Sharon Grob has joined Falcon Fine Art as business development manager and will be tasked with the further growth of the company. She will be involved in leveraging relationships with family offices, private banks and wealth managers to encourage the use of art financing. Grob will also …

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Are we in an art market bubble?

Since the market crash in 2008, the term “bubble”, applied in an economic context, has become part of everyday vocabulary. The analogy of a market growing so big, like a bubble, filled with air only waiting to burst, is almost irresistibly charming. Economic bubbles happen all the time, all over …

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Falcon Fine Art closes landmark deal in Ireland

The art financing deal will allow a collector to keep artworks on their wall for the duration of the financing period – one of the first of its kind with an art financier outside the US or UK Falcon Fine Art, the specialist art financier, has closed a loan for …