Digital and art market entrepreneur Frédéric de Senarclens to speak at Christies’s Art+Tech Summit – July 2018


Digital and art market entrepreneur Frédéric de Senarclens will be introducing the talk Speculation and Previous Initiatives Issuing Shares in Art as well as leading a panel discussion about Blockchain in the Art World – Tokenisation and Securitisation at the Christie’s Art+Tech Summit on Tuesday 17 July 2018 in London.

Senarclens is the founder of ArtMarketGuru, and has led modern and contemporary art galleries in Geneva and Singapore. As an art market expert passionate about new technologies, he has created a number of successful digital art businesses, including ArtMarketGuru, ArtAndCollect and ArtAndOnly. ArtMarketGuru is a respected source of art market research, analysis and statistics and offers sector and region-specific research on the global art market.

In 2018, ArtMarketGuru published the first Art and Blockchain Industry Report, which is updated quarterly and a valuable guide for those interested in making investments in and using art-related Blockchain technology. The technology is the leading software platform for digital assets and allows buyers the opportunity to transact with no intermediary. 

Senarclens says: Blockchain greatly impacts the digital economy. It’s a powerful force in the world of cryptocurrency and is revolutionising the world of art buying. As it’s fast becoming a valuable asset in business, more and more transactions are moving into the digital sphere and I believe the technology, most importantly, will make buying art as operationally transparent as any other sector. The Christie’s conference sees an impressive group of speakers coming together on the topic of art and tech, and I’m looking forward to the questions raised and discussion of the day.

Christie’s hosts the annual one-day conference exploring a different technology trend each year through a host of inspiring talks, panel discussions and debate.

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