New global arts club launches


Marlies Verhoeven (l) and Daisy Peat photographed by Jason Schmidt

A new global arts club, The Cultivist, launched in London on Friday. It is the brainchild of Marlies Verhoeven and Daisy Peat, who previously worked together for over six years at Sotheby’s. Their aim is to offer “intimate and privileged access to the art world through unique experiences, expert knowledge and exceptional personal service.”

Benefits include global front-of-line access at museums, invitations to curated events, VIP status at art fairs and access to The Cultivist’s members-only website and travel app.

Members will also get on-demand private tours and museums (with 24 hours’ notice); quarterly newsletters; and access to 24/7 client services.

In addition, each Cultivist member will receive a unique portrait drawing by London-based artist Miranda Donovan, which will be reproduced in the place of a photo on the member’s Cultivist membership card.

The Cultivist’s launch day release added: “The annual membership fee is £1,900 and this covers everything. We don’t charge extra for any of our standard services, which include private museum tours. A portion of the membership fee goes towards our partner institutions, so members will be helping support the arts too.”

Verhoeven and Peat’s previous experience includes launching and managing Sotheby’s VIP programme, Sotheby’s Preferred. With The Cultivist, they say they hope to reach out to a much broader audience of art enthusiasts.


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