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Hecate's Garden by Iain Andrews

Private Art Investor is the financial magazine of the art world.

It is not about when you should buy or sell. We will never tell you that now is the time to move from Chinese artists into Impressionists or from installation to video. The primary reason to buy something is because you like it. Or, even better, cannot live without it.

But as a site mainly written by  financial journalists we are focused on art as an asset class. We are particularly focused on art finance – both lending and leasing.

We look at ways to invest in art – both informally and it formal funds. We We also think buyers should be aware of the significant risks involved in owning art – and ways to manage these.

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Our mission is to be the art’s worlds finance and risk information source.

We have two aims:

1. To help collectors understand the financial risks and possible rewards involved in owning art. This includes ways of growing or using their collection in such as through art lending and finance.

2. To help individuals and companies involved in art finance and risk connect and grow. Our conferences bring together the people that lead the industry.

Private Art Investor is run by financial journalists and conference organisers with a passion for art and finance. Our sister titles are www.corporatejetinvestor.com and www.helicopterinvestor.com – which do the same thing for buyers of business jets and helicopters.

You can contact us by emailing Alasdair Whyte at [email protected] or by calling him on +44 1737 245 564

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