Art Recovery Group launch ArtClaim


The ArtClaim website

After 12 months of development the Art Recovery Group has launched its new database ArtClaim.

Chris Marinello, CEO of the Art Recovery Group, said “We are extremely proud of the ArtClaim Database and the progress that it represents for this area of the art market.”

The cloud based resource will require the user to create account after which they can then search the database or register works with ArtClaim. Having consulted professionals from law enforcement, insurance and the art market, the database will provide full and detailed records of works of art that have been registered as missing or stolen.

The ArtClaim database provides four main functions, search facilities; item registration; collection management and bulletin alerts. Fully searchable the system uses fully-integrated image recognition technology. Registration of lost or missing item on the database will be free. There will be a charge for the collection management feature. For the first month after the launch all of the ArtClaim services will be offered free as part of a trial.

With other 500 fields of data and 5,000 items currently being added per week the database offers and extensive bank of both new and historic knowledge of missing or stolen art works. The group describes the database as offering “an unprecedented degree of reliability and range for professional due diligence in the art market”.

As well as recording stolen and missing art, the collection management service will allow users to register their works so that they can be traced if loss occurs in the future. ArtClaim also offers a free alert system that is designed to bring news of any recent thefts or losses to the attention of the key people in the art market.

The Art Recovery Group which is comprised of both Art Recovery International and the new ArtClaim Database. The central focus of the group is to help recover stolen art work to its rightful owners.