AXA Art reorganises, creating regional CEO roles


AXA ART New global appointments

AXA ART has split is art business into four key regions and created three new CEO positions. Sylvie Gleises has become CEO for South-West Europe: Anthony Osborn CEO for North-Europe, the Middle-East and Asia-Pacific; and Christiane Fischer is CEO for the Americas.

Glieses was formerly executive assistant to Henri de Castries, AXA Group’s chairman and CEO, and managing director of AXA ART France, Benelux and the Middle East. She joined AXA in 2006.

The Northern Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific region is now run by Anthony Osborn. Osborn reports to Jean Gazanҫon AXA ART’s global chief operating officer and executive board member. Osborn has held several roles within the AXA group including managing director of AXA Art Asia.

Fischer who has worked for AXA for more than 15 years became a president in June 2006 and also serves on the advisory board of The Conservation Center.

AXA Art has not appointed a new CEO for Central and Eastern Europe. Instead Kai Kuklinski, global CEO of AXA Art, will add this to his existing role. Kulinski has been global CEO since April 2014. He joined AXA in 1999.

AXA has specialised in art insurance for more than 50 years. It offers cover for both corporate and private collections.

Sylvie Gleises. Image courtesy of AXA Art.

Sylvie Gleises.

Anthony Osborn. Image courtesy of AXA Art.

Anthony Osborn. .

Christiane Fischer. Image Courtesy of AXA Art.

Christiane Fischer.

Kai Kuklinski. Image Courtesy of AXA Art.

Kai Kuklinski.