AXA Strategic Ventures invests in Art2M


AXA Strategic Ventures has invested 500,000€ in Art2M, a start-up art and connected objects company for investors and artists.

The investment will help Art2M develop their overseas presence in the United States and China.

Anne-Cécile Worms, CEO of Art2M said: “This investment will allow Art2M to develop its portfolio of exclusive coproductions (connected objects and innovative design) and to position our new “ArtJaws” selling platform, dedicated to artworks and artists’ limited editions, as a major player on the online art market.”

Using information from almost 600 labs, Art2M produces and develops prototypes and connected objects. They also organise workshops, rapid prototyping and temporary on-site labs to the industry experts.

Art2M’s catalogue of artwork is all online. In 2014, online art sales reached 3.3 billion euros, accounting for 6% of the total value of art market sales.  This platform will increase accessibility to underrepresented emerging artists via online sales.

One of ArtsM’s coproductions is Water Light Graffiti, an LED surface that reacts to water, which has recently been patented.

Minh Q. Tran, General manager of AXA Strategic Ventures : “The Internet of Things is one of the five sectors in which we intend to invest. Art2M’s approach perfectly meets our needs, as it provides a global watch service on connected objects, while harmoniously integrating the ecosystem of AXA ART, subsidiary of AXA, on the contemporary art market and in the field of digital art.”