Magnus Resch launches app for the private art world


Private art company Magnus Resch has launched a mobile app that it describes as a “Shazam for art”.

Users take a photo of an artwork and the app returns all details, including prices. Prices from both galleries and auction houses will be made available for free and the app can be downloaded free from the Apple app store. The system combines primary market prices with auction prices from over 1000 auction houses, dating back to 1901.

It also includes a map that shows all art galleries and museums, including current shows and opening hours.

Founder Magnus Resch said: “This app is the perfect tool for everyone interested in art. It’s like Shazam, just take a photo and the app tells you everything you need to know. The map shows you all the art spots around you, so you never miss an event.

“Or check out prices from artists you want to buy – it’s the world’s largest price database for contemporary art. We create it by crowdsourcing it. I believe that transparency is good for the art world. This will attract new collectors and give existing buyers a tool at their fingertips to enjoy art even more. And the best thing: it’s free.”

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