New law firm Amineddoleh & Associates launches


Art lawyer Leila Aminedolleh has founded new law firm Amineddoleh & Associates, which will focus on art law and intellectual property law.

Based in the New York city, Amineddoleh & Associates LLC will be a full-service law firm, providing legal services to individuals and businesses throughout the world. With an emphasis on art, cultural heritage and intellectual property law, the firm aim to offer sophisticated legal advice and innovative solutions to a wide range of legal issues. The firm will counsel clients on all legal issues related to the acquisition, retention and disposition of fine art, and rights to works of artistic creation.

Aminedolleh will be joined at the firm by seasoned trial attorney Michael Rose who will work as Of Counsel. Rose boasts years of experience in both criminal and civil law, and is also an accomplished artist who shares a passion for art, heritage, and creative enterprises.  Both lawyers are experienced attorneys, coming from large, prestigious law firms, having covered a wide variety of practices. Prior to launching the firm Amineddoleh worked at the New York based firm of Galluzzo & Amineddoleh LLP.

Leila Amineddoleh said “To best serve our clients’ needs, we provide highly specialized expertise in art law, supported by our collective legal and scientific experience. In addition, the firm has contacts in the art forum all over the world, enabling us to acquire the finest non-legal counsel for clients in the areas of provenance, appraisals, forensics analyses, title, conservation, and acquisition management.”

They will manage all areas of litigation, alternative dispute resolution, and transactions that concern works of art, the art market and the art world, including the purchase, consignment, sale and auction of art, organizing and implementing major exhibitions, structuring business agreements, drafting contracts, complying with customs procedures, recovering stolen work for collectors and insurance companies, and advising clients on criminal matters. Representing all players in the art world, including artists, private collectors, auction houses, insurance companies, museums and non-profit institutions, art experts, artists’ foundations, and art market businesses.

Amineddoleh & Associates also handles cultural heritage matters, including compliance with international cultural heritage regulations, the importation of antiquities, advising cultural ministries and governments, and all legal matters related to cultural heritage.

“My legal expertise in these areas have made me a recognized authority and successful advocate in these fields. I work in the US and abroad to protect and preserve art and heritage, successfully recover stolen art for rightful owners, recuperate ill-gotten funds from forgery schemes, and conduct due diligence to ensure that clients can successfully sell and acquire art objects without concern of authentication and title disputes.” added Amineddoleh

In addition to her experience, Aminedolleh has also written extensively on art, heritage, and IP topics in leading academic journals, and has been cited as an expert by news sources such as the NY Times, The Guardian, TIME Magazine, International Business Times, and the Wall Street Journal. The new firm will also keep a blog covering legal issues in art and IP law.

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