Second Mona Lisa painting reportedly surfaces


A comparison of both paintings. The Mona Lisa was painted 10 years later than the new painting (right). Image source ArtNet

A second version of the Mona Lisa is supposedly on display at the Arts House in Singapore’s Old Chambers of Parliament.

The painting, which shows a younger Mona in front of a different background, is claimed to be dated from 1503. The painting was bought by a British aristocrat in the 1770s, before it was discovered by an art collector in 1913, who restored the work. The Mona Lisa Foundation supports the claims that the painting is authentic, the Vice-President of the foundation Davide Feldman telling Reuters: “We feel these latest discoveries and new scientific analysis just carried out leave little doubt that it is Leonardo’s work […] The vast majority of experts now either agree with us or accept that there is a strong case for our thesis.” However, some are more sceptical of the piece’s provenance, Da Vinci expert Martin Kemp telling the BBC it was, “just another copy of the Mona Lisa, an unfinished one, and no more than that.”

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