Sheik of Sharjah signs financial contract with Gutenberg Museum

Gutenberg Museum

Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed al-Qasimi, the Sheik of Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates has signed a financial support package with the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz Germany. The contract ensures the financial support of the Sheikh for at least the next three years, which, it has been reported will amount to around €100,000 in total.

The generous donation is intended to support the museum’s small but prestigious Arab-Islamic galleries and to provide enough security personnel to ensure that all the collections always remain open to the public, as when the Sheikh visited the museum in 2014 to view the valuable early printed versions of the Koran, he was told that the galleries were closed due to lack of security personnel. A representative of the Gutenberg Museum commented, “We can’t guarantee the safety of the collection without qualified security personnel,” although this will no longer be a problem thanks to the Sheikh’s funding.

Sheikh al-Qasimi is a true lover of the arts and “a real bridge-builder between the Arab and Western world. The near east’s only ruler who’s also an academic,” as Professor Günter Meyer, head of the center for the Arab world at the University of Mainz, describes. The Sheikh earned a doctorate degree from the universities of Exeter and Durham, United Kingdom.