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Autumn auction season: What really drove art sales in New York this November?

Art for art’s sake or art as investment? When there’s a slight downturn in the market for fine art you can bet your boots that one or another Jeremiah in the popular media will be prophesying doom and disaster.

Art ownership: What to investigate before you invest

Till Vere-Hodge is a senior associate at Constantine Cannon LLP. He advises international private collectors, art dealers and auction houses, galleries and museums, as well as art investors and advisors in relation to both, contentious and non-contentious Art and Cultural Property...

Can chimps become one of the art market’s new champs?

In what appears to be an emerging theme in the art world, these past few weeks painting and chimpanzees have shown they have more in common than one might normally assume. In London, art industry professionals have spent their time – and no doubt money – on...

The ‘Art of Collecting’: What it means today

Anita Choudhrie is the founder of The Stellar International Art Foundation. Currently the Foundation comprises over 600 works dating from the late 19th century to the present day, including international artists, and ranging from paintings to sculptures.


Art Finance and Risk