New art e-commerce report released


Image courtesy of cooldesign/

Skate’s, the art business intelligence provider, has released its Art E-Commerce and Media Report, Fall 2014 – the first in a series of 16 quarterly reports covering art industry earnings and statistics from listed companies (tracked with Skate’s Art Stock Index since 2009), art trading within the premium segment of the market, art fairs, auctions and e-commerce rankings.

The report includes listings of the world’s top three online art trading platforms by volume; the top five digital strategies for the global art industry; and the top five web strategies for the global art industry.

“Although we continue to refine our methodology, Skate’s ranking of digital strategies in the art industry leaves no room for ambiguity as far as what the winning digital business model is today,” states the report’s executive summary.

“The aggregation and electronic distribution of digital intellectual property rights for various creative outputs is currently the best digital strategy in the art industry. While image licensing might be the largest and most profitable art digital business today, the online art trade is clearly the fastest growing.”