Kunsthalle Mannheim Discovers 18 Possibly Nazi-Looted Artworks in Collection


The Kunsthalle Mannheim, in Germany, have discovered eighteen works in its collection that may have been stolen from Jewish owners by the Nazis.

Included in these eighteen works are sculptures and drawings by artists Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Max Slevogt, and Edgar Degas, among others. The museum has registered the pieces with the German Lost Art Foundation and the Lostart database, in hopes of contacting possible heirs. The foundation was established last January to assist with institutions’ provenance research and to help uphold the Washington Principles of 1998, a set of guidelines for determining whether art was obtained illegally via the Nazi regime.

The Kunsthalle Mannheim has been researching the provenance of its collection since 2011 and only recently discovered “clues that these works could have been stolen by the NS [National Socialist] regime.”