Art Recovery Group opens new London office


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Art Recovery Group has opened a new office in London’s art quarter. The group said the move offers a more integrated space for its specialised services to the market.

Art Recovery Group’s two divisions, Art Recovery International and ArtClaim, provide professional due diligence, dispute resolution and art recovery services to dealers, galleries, auction houses, insurers, law firms and financial institutions. Working closely with law enforcement agencies around the world, the group has been involved in some prominent art recovery operations. Its new office is at 9 Clifford Street, London.

“We are delighted to take a place alongside some of the world’s most prestigious dealers and art institutions,” said Christopher Marinello, CEO of Art Recovery Group. “Our company provides a valuable resource to the art market and we are committed to fostering excellent working relationships with our clients both in London and around the world.”



Picture credit: Vadin Timoshkin on Creative commons license.