Partnership between Hiscox and Collectrium


Insurance specialist Hiscox announced on 14 January 2016 the setting up of a partnership with the collection-management platform Collectrium.

This partnership will offer Hiscox clients the services of Collectrium – a dematerialised tool for organising and valuating collections — with the aim of reducing the inherent risks of art collection. According to Nicolas Kaddèche, Head of the Art Market and Private Clients at Hiscox: “This dynamic platform allows optimised management of art collections: insurance contracts, expert certification and invoices are stored in one and the same place, which is precious in the event of damage. (…) Not forgetting that storing data on the cloud rather than on one’s computer is the best way to keep it safe.”

Founded in 2009 by Boris Pevzner, Collectrium is making wise moves. Prior to this partnership, the platform was bought by Christie’s in February 2015.