Flawless diamond expected to fetch $9.5-$12.5 million


An internally flawless 52.58 carat Golcanda diamond set to be auctioned at Christie’s New York on December 10 is expected to fetch $9.5-£12.5 million. The sale ends a banner year in which new heights were achieved for coloured and colourless diamonds.

The diamond is described as possessing a superior luminance, lustre and distinct brilliance. It comes from the sacred diamond mines of Golconda, which yield diamonds of a specific type, colour and the highest degree of transparency. Exhibiting a superior polish and octagonal cutting style, the diamond tops the bill in a blockbuster 500-lot day-long auction at Christie’s Rockerfeller Center which is expected to achieve in excess of $45 million.

“2013 has proven to be a record-breaking year for jewellery auctions globally,” said Rahul Kadakia, head of jewellery for Christie’s Americas and Switzerland. “Beginning with the historic sale of the Prince Diamond in New York in April to The Orange in Geneva this November, collectors worldwide paid record prices to acquire the rarest and finest gemstones that appeared on the auction block. On December 10, our team of specialists looks forward to offering collectors yet another opportunity to participate in a wonderfully curated sale.”