Kinetic art goes on show in London


Feathers, nails, revolving discs, fire, light boxes, tiny motors and other ingenious mechanisms and devices have been harnessed by artists in the current exhibition of over 60 works of kinetic art currently running at Christie’s new gallery space in Mayfair.

The first exhibition of its kind to be held in London since 1970, Turn Me On charts the development of Kinetic Art – art that incorporates motion – between Europe and Latin America.

The title of the show, Turn Me On, is a reference to the motors used to make many of the pieces move, and visitors will be able to see these works in motion.

Focusing on motorised kinetic works created from 1950 to the early 1970s, this exhibition presents works that reflect the new experimental artistic tendencies and visual language explored in the post-war period. By engaging with a wealth of new materials – such as plexiglas, plastic, foil and nylon – artists from Europe and Latin America redefined art’s traditional parameters.

Darren Leak and Jacob Uecker, from Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art Department, commented:

“This group of works allows us to re-assess the contribution these artists have made as their experimentation with technology and materials produced works that are at the root of much contemporary art seen today. Their collaborations and exchanges more than 40 years ago seem startlingly relevant to the current international art scene.”

The exhibition is organised by Christie’s Private Sales department and follows on from the success of When Britain Went Pop, the first exhibition held in the new Christie’s Mayfair gallery space in 2013.  It runs until April 7.