New David Lynch photography exhibition


Film director David Lynch is holding a photographic exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery, London, from January 17 to March 30 2014.

The show features a series of work dubbed The Factory Photographs. In this series Lynch extends his unique cinematic style to dark and brooding images of derelict factories. The photographs are all shot in black and white in locations including Germany, Poland, New York and England.

The theme of industrialisation is of great interest to Lynch and in films such as Eraserhead (1977), The Elephant Man (1980) and Dune (1984) machinery and the sounds of industry dominate the background. He began taking photographs of factories when scouting for shooting locations.

The exhibition will present over 80 images taken between 1980 and 2000, all sized at 27.9 x 35.6 cm and displayed in a classic matte and dark wooden frame. Printed on gelatin-silver paper, the texture of the prints resembles the soot, vapours and fine dust covering the surfaces depicted.

David Lynch said: “I just like going into strange worlds. A lot more happens when you open yourself up to the work and let yourself act and react to it. Every work ‘talks’ to you, and if you listen to it, it will take you places you never dreamed of.”

The exhibition is curated by Dr Petra Giloy-Hirtz, a curator and author based in Munich.