London gallery gives client fake work after mistakenly selling original


Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens by Leonard Bentley

London-based gallery Envie d’Art have mistakenly sold a work that they were holding on behalf of a client, returning instead a “terrible copy” of the original.

The client had originally asked the gallery to safeguard the work, which was valued at £5,000, during the renovation of his home. When, three years later, the client asked for the piece back, the gallery returned it late, claiming to have had trouble finding it. The client quickly realised that the work in question was a copy, since it was dated 2014, six years after the client had purchased the original work. Now threatening to take the gallery to court over the incident, the disgruntled client is demanding full reimbursement for the painting in addition to another £3,600 painting as damages. As yet, Envie d’Art have only agreed to reimburse the client.


Detail of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, Photo by Leonard Bentley used under creative commons license