Lil Wayne loses art collection in raid


Lil Wayne, Image courtesy of wikipedia.

Musician Lil Wayne has reportedly had his home raided by police who seized part of his private art collection in an attempt to settle an outstanding debt.

According to TMZ several wrapped items that looked like art work were removed from the property placed in a truck to be taken away from the owner. The local Miami-Dade police were accompanied by an evaluator who was responsible for assessing the value of what was being taken. Security originally denied entry to the group, but eventually allowed them in to seize the assets after being shown a court order for the raid.

Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, was not present on property at the time.

The debt, which totals, $2 million, is outstanding from an unpaid monthly lease for the use of a private jet. The Gulfstream II jet was leased to star by the Signature Group as part of a three year deal. Lil Wayne has been accused of missing payments during the first two years of the deal. The monthly fee for the for use of the jet was $55,000, but Signature Group won a court ruling against the music artist forcing him to pay $1 million after he failed to pay the original bill. This cost has now doubled as the result of late fees and attorney costs.