T-N-T Moving Systems changes policy on moving fine art


Image courtesy of Stoonn/Freedigitalphotos.net

T-N-T Moving Systems has upgraded its fine art moving policy to include current appraisals in its client checklist.

T-N-T Moving Systems co-owner Todd Koepke explains: “You see appraisal values change over time so it’s important that when we do the initial assessment we confirm that any antique or fine art appraisals are up-to-date.

“People often assume that the appraisal that they had when they bought the item is still valid and that might not be the case. Market value and appraiser affiliations change. If the items are irreplaceable, it’s probably best to have them re-appraised prior to moving.”

With over 20 years of experience in the moving industry, T-N-T Moving Systems has built up considerable moving expertise, says Koepke.

“We work with our clients to ensure their valuables are protected during the move. We understand that some items like family heirlooms and antiques need extra attention.”

A reputable moving company will always offer basic coverage for items in their care; however, knowing the correct valuation before a move is important, he adds. If an item is classified as an antique, a full and correct valuation can help protect the owner if damage does occur.

Organizations like the American Society of Appraisers can help clients locate a respectable appraiser. Insurance companies, attorneys or a bank official might also have recommendations. For more information on understanding appraisals T-N-T Moving Systems recommends some light reading on the Antiques Roadshow Website. “They are the kings of appraisal and we refer to their information often when clients have complex appraisal questions,” says Koepke.

T-N-T Moving Systems move a lot of antiques, even pianos, and always take precautions, says Koepke.

“During our initial estimate, we will ask questions about furniture and art to understand which items might need extra padding or crates for protection.”

He adds that customers should always check a potential moving company’s status on breakage and customer satisfaction with the Better Business Bureau and Department of Transportation.