Fine art insurer Ecclesiastical Insurance Group partners with Risk Control Technologies


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Fine art insurer Ecclesiastical Insurance’s UK and Ireland operations have partnered with Risk Control Technologies, a provider of loss control and risk management software solutions for insurers. The move is intended to enhance Ecclesiastical’s customer and underwriting risk management propositions.  It also marks the expansion of the Risk Control Technologies client base into the UK and Europe.

Founded in 1887, Ecclesiastical is a specialist insurer of charities, the education and faith sectors, heritage buildings, fine art and property investors.

“Our expertise in risk management, survey and valuations has been a key differentiator for Ecclesiastical for a century,” said Mark Matthews, risk management director for Ecclesiastical in the UK. “Our partnership with Risk Control Technologies represents a major investment and expansion of our existing 10 year relationship with our Canadian business for the group.

“This integrated technology platform will enable the business to deliver loss and risk insights to our customers and business partners via multiple channels, driving real business intelligence from the risk and exposure data.”

He added that the partnership will also enable the deployment of new technologies to Ecclesiastical’s fifty surveyors and consultants in the field, further streamlining its processes and enhancing the customer experience.

Risk Control Technologies’ client base is made up of insurance carriers that are looking to expand and enhance their loss control operations. Risk Control Technologies provides a platform for carriers to streamline their operations and create efficiencies, and brings like-minded loss control insurers together with Risk Control Technologies’ internal experts to develop industry best practices and new ways of evolving loss control.

One of the key capabilities Ecclesiastical seeks to gain from the Risk Control Technologies solution revolves around the enablement of robust data-mining and reporting. The solution will offer Ecclesiastical the ability to capture, manage and optimise key risk information which will be combined to better determine service levels, loss control trends and bring additional focus to targeting and identification of key accounts.

“We are very excited to have Ecclesiastical on board as a client and partner,” said David Hanley of Risk Control Technologies, “With a strong existing client base in Canada, the United States and a small footprint in Latin America, the UK and Europe will be a major focus for us moving forward.”


Picture credit: Vaughan Leiberum/Creative Commons license.