Warhol on Walton Street


Marilyn Munroe, Andy Warhol. Image courtesy of Andipa Gallery

This week an exhibition of Andy Warhol’s work opens at Andipa Gallery in London, running from the 6th May till the 13th June showcasing examples of some of his most recognisable works and series.

The Knightsbridge gallery‘s new exhibition is set to bring together a collection of some of the artists most iconic works, including works with the Marilyn and Campbell’s soup motif. The pieces range in price from £20,000-£250,000.

“Art Investors the world over recognise London’s Walton Street as a prime destination to purchase Warhol’s rarest and most recognisable pieces,” said Acoris Andipa, director of the Andipa Gallery.

Over 20 of Warhol’s works will make up the #WarholonWaltonStreet show including several self-portraits as well as images of Mao and other celebrities.

In 2013, Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster) by Warhol sold at auction for $105.4 million setting the record for his work and also as one of the most expensive paintings ever sold. Last year his work ‘Triple Elvis’ sold for $81.9 million in November at Christie’s New York evening sale and earlier this year a self-portrait by Warhol sold for $5.6 million also at Christie’s in the Contemporary and Post War sale in February.