Chinese art a focus at the LA art show


Hues of China, a special exhibition showcasing three Chinese contemporary art movements, will be a highlight of the LA Art Show this weekend.

Located at the LA Convention Center, the show brings together a broad range of galleries specialising in everything from historic to contemporary art. The Chinese component of the show will coincide with Chinese New Year and will form part of this year’s celebration.

Chinese contemporary art continues to grow in priominence on a global scale. In the past few years in particular, a significant number of Chinese contemporary art exhibitions have been held in some of the top museums and galleries in the Western world.

Hues of China aims to give a broad representation of what is happening in China’s art circle today. It will feature work from artists born in the 1950s and 60s, but will also put the spotlight on younger generations through a number of concurrent shows.

A Mixed Delight provides a collection of work from three of China’s respected galleries, Art Trend, Author Gallery and Shanghai Tian Qing Gallery & Reflex Art. It includes work by Wang Xiaosong, one of the rising stars of Chinese abstract art, who is represented by the Author gallery.

Young and Reckless introduces a number of talented emerging artists, including Zhong Zixin,Feng Zhijia and Liang Hong.

Perfection in Porcelain showcases artists who combine tradition and innovation when working in porcelain. They include Xiong Jun and Xu Lan, who use contemporary ceramic techniques to provide a new interpretation of old aesthetic values.